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Philippians 1:6

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on our clan

Okay, finally the update many have been waiting on.
Alli's testing all came back beautifully and she's been given the "all clear" from The Children's Hospital. Her little issues now have been determined as post traumatic stress that should work itself out over time.
MeMe's checkup with her Gastro intestinal doc wasn't quite as pleasant. It seems she has become PPI dependant (can't get off of reflux meds) and also struggles terribly with allergies. Because at her last endoscopy she had esophagitis and white cells hanging out in her esophagus, they want to do another endoscopy on Monday (Apr. 6), check her stomach, do some esophageal biopsies (checking those white cell counts), and check for eosinophilic esophagitis (to see if her reflux was caused by allergies). She's pretty nervous and I must say this wasn't how I planned on spending my birthday either. But rest assured, God has not left us, and will see us through this too.
I've often joked saying, "No, my name is not Job", but seriously, God has been amazing to us. For whatever reason God has allowed the twists and turns on our path to be that of physical issues. I don't know why, but He does. And He has used these medical issues our family has had to gather people in His Name, to cause folks to pray in unity from NY to FL, to draw our families and friends closer, to open doors to new people in our lives, to have others witness to and encourage us in our time of need, to allow our walk to be a testimony of Him for others to see.
So now with each bump in the road, I don't cry out "woe is me" or "what are we gonna do". Instead I feel butterflies of excitement anticipating, "God is about to show up on the scene!"
I promise you I have experienced the presence of the Almighty. I have felt the Hand of the Comforter. I have seen the work of The Great Physician. I truly know now what it means to feel peace in the valley, in that place where you don't even ask for miracles because you finally realize that every moment you have lived has been just that- a miracle. That place where you feel so blessed to be, that you can't imagine asking for more.
I told you before, and many don't understand this, but I never asked God to "fix" Alli (though I know many of you were face to floor begging for complete restoration and I thank you). But all I asked that horrific night was that He let her stay with me a while longer, just to please give me more time to be with her and love on her, no matter the condition. Her own neurosurgeon said himself that most doctors believed this would have required surgery, but bless be to God, we were surrounded by Christian doctors who joined us in prayer, confident that God had a plan for her. And as you all know, He has given exceedingly far more abundant than I could have ever asked. My sweet little girl is a walking, breathing, fully functioning beam of sunshine today because of the personal touch of the Savior. And she'll tell you that herself. The doctors themselves said, "This just doesn't happen on its own."
How could anyone doubt that He lives? How could anyone question His existance? If only everyone could feel the powerful presence of God that we felt in those days surrounding her accident, though I pray you never have to go through such a traumatic time.
But truly,
I serve a risen Savior, He's in the world today
I know that He is living, whatever men may say
I see His Hand od mercy, I hear His Voice of cheer
And just the time I need Him, He's always near

He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today
He walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way
He lives, He lives, salvation to impart
You ask me how I know He lives?
He lives within my heart!

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