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Philippians 1:6

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I was reminded I haven't told you all how Mimi's testing/endoscopy results came back. She is 100% cancer free, praise God! What they discovered Mimi actually has was not GERD, but eosinophillic esophagitis (food allergy causing constant reflux). Untreated, it could have eventually developed into cancer just like any untreated acid reflux could over enough time period. She still has sores in her esophagus after 5 years of treatment. They said eosinophil levels of 20 are a food allergy that needs to be tracked down for safety. Mimi's are 60! So whatever it is, is a very normal part of our diet (oh joy). So next is to begin allergy testing. She'll have 3 allergy testing appts, then go back for the nutrition counseling, then a month later have another scope (endoscopy) to see if she's improving.
As many of you know, Mimi didn't feel well and was very weepy for days after the scope. The day the GI called with the results, Mimi confessed to me that she had overheard the medical staff talking of cancer biopsies while she was in the OR (mind you, I had tried very hard to keep her from knowing that part of things). She just looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "Momma, I really thought I had it." My heart just broke, along with my composure, as I realized she had been walking around for days thinking she had cancer and that I didn't know it. I could have been talking with her, praying with her and encouraging her if I had only known. I guess, just as I was trying to protect her, she was doing the same for us. I say next time, we just be upfront and cry together!
Thanks you guys for all your prayers. I seem to be saying that a lot this school year...You know, everyone has trials of some sort, whether financial, marital, family, friends, some easy to see, some never seen on the surface. And for whatever reason, God has allowed our struggles to be that of the physical nature. I know one thing. I've never felt closer than during these physical trials. And if that's what it takes for us to stay close to Him and remain in His will, then I'm all in.
So don't ever feel sorry for us, though sometimes I may need one of you to shake me in a temporary moment of insanity where I feel sorry for myself. God knows where we are. Hmm, He knew before the foundations of the earth of the horrific struggle that would befall us last October with Alli's accident. And I promise you, He was there. He carried me when I could not walk. And I assure you, I am nothing without Him.
So as before, He walks with me. And He's answered prayer once again. And He'll walk us down this new journey of food allergies with Mimi. I just had to laugh when the doctor and I were on the phone that day as she referred me to one of my high allergy student's doctor! I said, A year ago my boss put every allergy child in our age group in my room, and I must confess, I was a little frustrated. Reading labels constantly, epipen training...And now I know God was preparing me for the road that lie ahead. Because of my place in LE's ministry, I can embarq on this course without fear, with knowledge of food labels, the FAAN network, proper epipen procedures, and a circle of support from fellow parents dealing with this. If I would quit being so stubborn, wow, what God could do in me!
I love all of you guys dearly. Get ready to read labels with me. We hope it's not chicken! (remember, my hubby)
Only through Him am I,

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