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Philippians 1:6

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More prayer needed

Our neurologist appt last week went well; however they would like to do another EEG to check for seizure activity in her sleep. She's had a few quirks during the time of her blessed healing transformation, and they won't to check to see if there's anything causing these quirks or if it's typical post trauma effects. Also, Alli has been having nightmares for the past few weeks.
Our need for prayer comes with today's visit to the doctor. She developed some congestion and a right ear infection, the same side as the accident injury. Right now they think it's unrelated, although she has had fluid there since the accident. I may contact our ENT friend and ask his opinion. This evening, Alli's developed fever and it's climbed to 102.5 with 3 meds in her. We're going to watch her carefully and pray this doesn't progress into anything worse. They did a flu swab on her (which praise God was negative) because the flu has recently hit our small town. We waited over an hour before we were seen due to their business. Also pray for a lady who left there in an ambulance just as we were called back. I don't know her personal state, but know her leaving the doctor's office in an ambulance should call us to prayer on her behalf.
Thank you all for the abundance of prayers you've risen up on our behalf these past months. Now please pray us through another one.
Oh, one more thing. My cousin is going through treatment for breast cancer. She's a young mom (younger than me) and needs our prayers both physically and financially. Those of you who are local and would like to help, I can email you a flyer of the benefit coming up for her.
Love you guys! Remember prayer works. We've seen it before and we'll see it again.
Emmanuel, GOD WITH US...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Renewed Beginnings (Alli update)

Today marked the start of renewed beginnings for Alli, her first day back at recess.
She was so excited I just had to share some images with you. Thanks again for all your prayers!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Alli's update

Wed. we went for Alli's CT scan. The doctor had informed us that we weren't looking for a healed head. With the extent of her fractures, that was asking too much. They started by showing me the 3D imaging of her CT scan back whem she fell. I had not seen these images before and was not prepared for what I saw. Alli's fractures had been far worse than I had understood. Alli's fractures had actually went all the way down to the base of her head at her neck and all the way forward to the front, just before the forehead. Then above the right ear was where the fractures had separated and the skull had caved in in that area. It was heart breaking to see. Then the doctor proceeded to pull up the current scan and started searching through the layers, twisting, turning, flipping, scanning...hmm..."what is it?" I inquire. "That's just it," he responds, "It's not".
Huh? "Mrs. , most doctors would have sent her straight to surgery when she fell, and no one would expect to see this. Look here. This is where the damage is supposed to be." I don't see anything but not wanting to look stupid, I continue to pretend to study the images. Finally, he sits back and reports, "I just can't find it. You should be able to see a line or something, but there's nothing. Even the caved in section has risen up and smoothed over, and that just doesn't happen on its on with this level of severity."
That's right. It doesn't happen on its own. But through the combined prayers of all who read this blog and the mercy of a loving Father, it has happened.
The doctor plays with Alli a few minutes showing her her eye ball sockets on the computer and stuff, then sits back and says, "There's nothing left for me to do. It's all been done." The Great Physician has taken care of His patient, restored her to health, and left me shouting hallelujah praises amidst my blubbering tears of joy.I still cry at every song on the radio, even some random song on a pharmacy radio that mentions a little girl. That's right. I'm the lady you see blubbering on the cold med isle. Speaking of which, keep me in your prayers. I was feeling rough all week and finally went to the doctor today to find out I have bronchitis and am now sucking down antibiotics and have been assigned bed rest until Monday. What fun! (please note the sarcasm in my voice)
Greater is He that is in me. Greater is He that is in me. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.
We just had to stand still and let God move because "He ain't never done me nothing, done me nothing but good!" (Excuse the poor grammar, just quoting the song!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Taking a wrong turn in life...

Sorry to get off track of Alli updates, but I just had to share something. I had an amazing opportunity to go to The Billy Graham Training Center (The Cove) in Asheville, NC this past weekend. First I will say that is one place I think everyone should go at least once in their life. But this post isn't so much about The Cove. It was about the journey to get there.
My old woman friend (a whole 'nother story of silly phrases my 6 yr old has spread through her school) and I set out to travel to The Cove. We had our directions and felt good about where we were going. My sweet "left us for FL friend" over at mudpiestodragonflies called just as we were boarding the interstate. Mind you, E's driving and I'm holding the directions. Do you see a problem arising? No? I'll continue. Being excited since we haven't talked in months, I happily begin trying to talk to this long distance friend. I say "trying" because I have always had trouble understanding this friend on the phone, even when she lived locally. The low talker... Anyway, as usual, after a bit, our call is disconnected and I resume to navigating. This is when dear sweet E who had been saying, "Oh yeah, I know that place" and "I've been through here" amidst my challenging phone conversation, then reported, "This doesn't feel right." I look up to see, "Charlotte next 5 exits". "Umm, E, what road are we on?" "I-85" "E, we were never supposed to be on I-85". That's right friends, we had been riding for hours on the wrong interstate! Aren't we precious?
As you see, we did later reach our destination and honestly had some great times on the way, including stopping for gas in a town that obviously didn't know that The Dukes of Hazzard is not a reality show. This is what memories are made of! And you know, the same is true in life. Sometimes we travel along on unexpected paths. But rest assured, wherever we are, God is, and we've been put right where we are because God is going to use it to do something amazing, if we'll just let Him.
God Bless and happy traveling! We're closer than ever and blame no one (cough cough FL friend cough cough).
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